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Author : Karl Philipp Moritz
Gender : Male
Nationality : German
About :

Karl Philipp Moritz (Hameln, 15 September 1756 – Berlin, 26 June 1793) was a German author, editor and essayist of the Sturm und Drang, late enlightenment, and classicist periods, influencing early German Romanticism as well. He led a life as a hatter's apprentice, teacher, journalist, literary critic, professor of art and linguistics, and member of both of Berlin's academies.

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Best Books by Karl Philipp Moritz

Anton Reiser
Anton Reiser

Anton Reiser by Karl Philipp Moritz

Anton Reiser is a psychological novel by Karl Philipp Moritz , of which the first three parts appeared in Berlin from 1785 to 1786. The fourth and last part appeared in 1790.
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